A Day Out

This morning my Husband let me sleep in a little which is such a blessing when you have a 4 month old who you are sleep training. Once I got up I knew I had a busy day so I jumped in the shower, got ready and started my morning with a glass of warm lemon water. It really helps detoxify the body and works almost as a cup of coffee – For me at least. I highly recommend it every morning:)

My step-daughter Marret (My Husband’s 5 year old daughter who stays with us part-time) has been really wanting just a “girls day” with me for the past few weekends so we planned on having a really fun filled afternoon at Jump City (An indoor trampoline park), Larkburger and SmartCow (Yogurt bar). Knowing I had a long day of temptation from all of these delicious eateries I planned ahead by looking at the menus to these places. This really helps you stick to your healthy lifestyle (Not saying at all that it isn’t nice to treat yourself, because believe me.. I love a pizza and movie night more than the next person😉 ) But I wanted to stick to it today – So did some research and found a DELICIOUS looking Kale salad at Larkburger and knew that was what I was going to get! And knowing that Smart Cow doesn’t have anything healthy I figured I’d just grab a cup of coffee and add some Agave Nectar (100% nectar extracted from the agave plant).

Agave is such a delicious sweetener that is sweeter than normal sugar but with a lower glycemic index! You must be sure, however, that it is raw to ensure it hasn’t been processed and hasn’t been basically turned into syrup by exposing it to high heat which turns it into fructose.

It was such a wonderful day and I stuck to my healthy ways just by planning out ahead of time and Marret still had such a wonderful time and didn’t feel like I wasn’t participating in our “girls day” tradition (We always go to Larkburger and Smart Cow on our special day).

It was such a beautiful day outside and we were in such a great mood that we decided we’d surprise Dad with the idea that we go into the mountains and have a day in the seldom Spring 70° weather in Evergreen, CO. We decided to have a dinner picnic and a half an hour playtime at a park afterward.

So I grilled up some of that chicken Brent got for such a great deal at the store yesterday, packed up our beautiful handwoven picnic basket with some healthy sides (Carrots, grapes, bananas) and headed into the mountains! Such a beautiful day full of good food, family, ways to stay active and beautiful weather.

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