Smoothie Bowl Craze

There has been a lot of craze over the smoothie bowl lately! Especially on Instagram where everyone wants to make the most delicious and beautiful looking bowl creations. And I am definitely a part of that craze😉 I LOVE smoothie bowls! To me, they are my favorite post-workout meal or on rest days just as my lunch.

Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to the body and help prevent many diseases such as diabetes and cancer as well as helps reduce the chances of heart attack and obesity.

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It is a big controversial point however on whether the large amounts of sugars from fruits is healthy or just as unhealthy for you as normal table sugar. Honestly I find it outrageous that people even question that! Fruits are WHOLE foods that contains natural sugars while table sugar is artificial, refined and processed sugar (Contains no nutrients whatsoever) that gives you sugar spikes because it breaks down much quicker inside your body causing you to crash very quickly rather than natural sugars which dissolves slower giving you more steady energy. So eat those fruits up!! But in moderation of course, make sure you also eat your vegetables and meats to ensure enough B12 and Iron!

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At first I had no idea how people were making smoothie bowls but eventually figured it out after testing it. I like to just blend 2-3 bananas (Sometimes with raspberries, blackberries or kale as well) with a tiny bit of water and ice until it is completely smooth (Shouldn’t be really watery). I then pour it into a bowl, top it with my favorite fruit as well as shredded coconut and flax seeds! And it restores all my energy and repairs muscle tissue after a good and tough workout! Try making a smoothie bowl yourself and let me know how it turned out!:)

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