Hello Bello Diapers

This is not a paid ad. I’ve been using Hello Bello diapers for the boys since they were 1 month old. We were initially gifted Huggies and Pampers, both of which caused allergic reactions and leaked terribly. We searched around and tried Honest diapers, which were fab but way too expensive for twins diaper buying.

That’s when we found Hello Bello diapers. They are plant based, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, chlorine free and started this company with the motto that everyone deserves premium diapers, not just those who can afford them.

I fell in love with their philosophy.. Also, when I realized it was a company created by Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell I was ecstatic.. Have I mentioned I’m a big Kristen Bell fan? So we gave them a try and have not turned back since.

We buy all Hello Bello products from their diapers, wipes, lotions, body wash, etc. Their items have never caused reactions to the boy’s sensitive skin and we are signed up for their subscription service so we choose our adorable prints every month and they’re delivered right to our door so no last minute outages and store runs with stinky baby in tow.

Again, this is not an ad, I just genuinely love this company and their products so wanted to share the love and my referral code for $15 a Hello Bello diaper bundle! I promise you’ll never wanna go back to another brand.

I mean.. How cute are these prints?!

Poof Diapers

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from extreme skin sensitivity. Literally everything irritates my skin so I have to be very choosey on what I wear and the products I use.

Unfortunately I have passed this on to my son – And the biggest thing I’ve noticed is his irritation to normal diapers (Huggies, Pampers, etc.) So I went looking for a product that was more gentle and natural, but disposable, for my son.


That’s when I came across Poof! Their diapers are completely biodegradable, fragrance and latex free (Which is very important because I am allergic to latex so I’m sure he’ll have some sensitivity to it as well). It is antibacterial, has a wide leg cuff to prevent leaks of all kinds and is SPECIFICALLY formulated for sensitive skin. They have so many other amazing features but these are the ones that meant the most to me.


Did I mention they also happen to be SUPER cute? 😉


Ever since we’ve made the switch Hudson has had less rashes and irritation. Try them out for yourself! We’re so happy we made the switch, Mama Approved 😉

(I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own)